Boxing Reaction Ball
Boxing Reaction Ball
Boxing Reaction Ball
Boxing Reaction Ball
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Boxing Reaction Ball

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Boxing Reaction Ball

Color box size: 80 * 65 * 185 MM

Consists of a Rubber balls, connecting with an elastic string. 
Band goes on head with ball attached to string. 
The harder the ball is hit, the faster it comes back. 

START SLOW with Less Punch Force. 

Build Speed as Technique, Proficiency and Comfort develop to prevent injury. 
A Good form of Exercise for the body and mind. 
A Workout tool for Most of the Bodies Muscle Groups. 
The Reflex tool utilized by many who participate in the following Sports:  Boxing, MMA, Combat, Combat Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Lethwei, Birmese, etc. 

Weight 250g


1. buckle silicone headband

2.80g red rubber ball

3.60g yellow ball

4.20g black PU ball

5. Accessories (cloth bag + manual + spare line + line change hook + color box)

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